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Talent Grids Centre of Excellence is a revolutionary approach to Fresh Talent Development and Acquisition. The model aims at reinventing the Fresher Onboarding models for companies by creating Centres of Excellence on campuses which aim at creating custom talent pool for the companies.

Being a visionary model, companies can also plan their Induction Training on the campuses itself during the final semester. Talent Grids Centre of Excellence creates an eco system which is a value addition for all the stakeholders in the Talent Grids. However, not every college can become a Centre of Excellence and it is solely on the parameters sought after by the partner recruiters of Talent Grids.

Industry Challenges: Present day challenges faced by the IT Industry in Fresh Talent Acquisition:

  • Acute shortage of Industry Ready Freshers: 85% Technology Freshers in India are not hirable.
  • Companies seeking Industry Academia Partnerships to enhance hire-ability: Present day technology education in India does not focus on functional skills that IT companies seek in their fresh recruits.
  • Companies want efficient & optimized Induction models: Innovation in Talent Acquisition, Induction and On-Boarding becomes need of the hour for companies to hire customized talent in bulk.

Focus on Optimization: Present day volatile global business scenario has forced companies to redesign their hiring models with a focus on optimizing cost and efforts

  • Huge Cost, Time and Efforts Invested in Training: Companies need to incur huge costs, time and efforts in training recruits during induction before On-Boarding them.
  • Optimization Begins: Companies have identified that ‘moving Induction to campuses’ will optimize the entire recruitment process by enhancing the quality and quantity of talent that they can On-Board directly from campus.
  • Empowering Academia: Subscription to the Centre of Excellence model and creating Induction Hubs in Academia creates a win-win. The academia thus shares a resonant vision with the industry.

College can become Centre of Excellence – Talent & Induction Hub for the Final Year Students. Visionary colleges can also choose to become Centre of Excellence – Talent Hub for their 1st, 2nd  & 3rd Year Students to improve their talent pool and brand themselves as genuine hubs of excellent talent pool. Talent Grids Centre of Excellence model of association for colleges has all the features of Talent Grids Plus and Talent Grids Cloud mentioned below:

Talent Grids College Annual Membership


Talent Grids Student IDs


TalentCheck: Candidate Talent Measurement.


Campus Recruitment


Talent Scholar Foreign & Corporate Internships


Academic & Corporate Webinars


Talent Grids Cloud Connect


Talent Grids Cloud Learn


Recruiting Buddha



10 Reasons why a College should become a Centre of Excellence?

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Colleges can write to us at campus@talentgrids.com for exploring more about the opportunities to associate.

Please find below a comparison analysis of the features offered in all the three models of association: Talent-Grids-Models-Comparison-0

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