Talent Fresher On Boarding


Expected total demand of fresh engineers in India, for IT and Technology sectors is projected as 1.5 million by 2014 The corresponding projected supply is around 1 million. The expected shortfall of around 500000 people, thus resulting in a huge ‘GAP’ The Gap widens even further since more than availability the key issue is ‘Employability’. NASSCOM recommends that enhanced interaction between Industry and Academia needs to be established for development of industry relevant employable freshers. As a cost cutting measure in the economic downturn, all top IT and Technology majors are keen to reduce the average per hire cost and are looking for customized-ready-to-be- deployed fresh talent through industry-academia partnership. Thus, increased industry – academia partnership programs are definitely need of the hour

Fresher On Boarding Challenges

  • Acute shortage of Industry Ready Freshers: Most Freshers are trainable but not hirable. Hence immediate On Boarding is a distant dream. They need to be trained on company costs before they are hired.
  • Higher Costs, Time and Efforts to Train: Since companies have to hire in advance and in order to train the unskilled pool it invests huge on the training infrastructure.
  • Volatile Talent Demand Prediction: Business finds it difficult to predict well in advance. It also impacts the utilization as well as the bench cost.
  • Attrition: Finding and retaining candidates is a major challenge across many verticals due to low CTC, job taboo, etc


Revolutionary Hiring Model

With a network across 2500+ colleges across the country, we know where to find the trainable talent.

  • Centre of Excellence and Induction Hubs: With companies willing to optimize cost, time and efforts in Onboarding people, moving Induction to campus is welcome across the industry
  • Finding the Untapped Potential: Talent Goldmine lies with freshers who could not make it in the first few companies at campus or from those colleges where campus placements donot happen big time. Believe it or not, this is the most dependable talent pool.
  • We look for ‘Trainability’ and then train: Based on ‘Train-and-Hire’ model; this initiative aims to create a skilled pool of college graduates, who will be groomed and trained to suit Recruiter’s talent requirements.
  • Perennial Supply across Technologies: Since candidate customization happens across various technologies like Application Maintenance, IMS, IT Helpdesk, IT Security, Networks, Cloud, Programming, etc


Interested recruiters can have a brainstorming session over coffee with our team regarding this revolutionary model or can write to us at outofthebox@talentgrids.com 


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