Talent Gram – Online Talent Measurement

Talent Gram is a holistic Talent Measurement Solutions. The services offered under Talent Gram are beyond mere Online Skills Assessments. With a Skills Assessments Development Team led by PhD scholars from IIM Calcutta along with the robust technology platform, Talent Gram combines Online Skills Assessments, Video Conference Based filtration processes and much more. 

Do you know?

  1. More than 70% Recruiters in India still conduct paper based tests for candidate assessments.
  2. Of those who have  started using Online Test Services, 90% are being Over-Charged by their vendors.


Recruiters can Hire Heavyweight Talent

We just don’t  test aptitude and technical  skills, we measure the ‘Real Weight of the Talent’. That is why we talk about the ‘TalentGram’ of a potential recruit. Through our 360 degree – job specific ‘Talent Measurement’ services, we deliver beyond mere online skills assessments.

Colleges can Conduct Exams Online

Interestingly many colleges today are using Talent Gram to conduct semester exams, class tests and pre placement preparation tests online. Also colleges and universities in Indian and abroad have been using Talent Gram to conduct their admission tests online.


The presentation below would give a complete understanding of the revolutionary solution that we offer trusted by over 200 recruiters and hundreds of academic institutions.

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Colleges and Companies willing to implement the wonderful Assessment and Talent Measurement Solutions can write to us at talentgram@talentgrids.com

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