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Talent Grids is the brainchild of a very dynamic and enterprising team from IIT Kanpur and IIM Calcutta. Talent Grids is the most unique model aimed at reinventing Fresh Hiring. It is the most revolutionary Value Added Model for Colleges, Students and Recruiters! With a tremendous focus on technology, the initiative aims at ‘Spreading Happiness in the Talent Grids!’

The model aims to offer innovative and value-laden solutions to all the stakeholders of the Talent Grids i.e. Companies, Colleges and Students. When NASSCOM says that over 70% of engineering talent is non employable and majority of engineering colleges have acute shortage of competent faculty as well as unavailable state-of-the-art infrastructure, we create our solutions to spread some happiness amongst colleges. We believe in being equal opportunity providers to all colleges and talent of the country irrespective of the college brand and popularity.

Consequently, we created Talent Grids for each region of the country for localized focus, enhanced visibility and escalation of industry interaction across all geographies of the country. Talent Grids creates a positive ecosystem through it various models for campuses to transform them into Talent Hubs for enhanced industry-academia interaction, internships and campus hiring.


How can a college subscribe to Talent Grids?

Colleges can associate with Talent Grids through any three models of association. Each model is carefully designed keeping in mind the custom needs of a college. Every model varies in its objective hence leading to variation in the model features. A college can voluntarily decide the services it requires and choose the model of association accordingly. Colleges can thus associate with Talent Grids by subscribing for an annual membership with Talent Grids through any of the three levels of association:

Talent Grids PlusTGCloudTalent-Grids-Centre-of-Excellence

 More than 200 +  IT and other Technology Recruiters plan campus drives for ongoing batches in various Talent Grids for efficient hiring, greater campus branding and diverse workforce representation.



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