Custom Fresher on Boarding for IMS division of a CMM L 5 IT Company


Sustainable Hiring for Infrastructure Management Services division of a CMM L 5 company through custom innovative Fresher On Boarding Model by Talent Grids




Key Challenge:

The Infrastructure Management Services division of the CMM L5 IT Company was growing at an amazing pace contributing to more than 40% of their revenues but the major challenge was the inability to have quicker hire time and even faster on boarding for quality engineering recruits due to multiple factors like

  • lower CTC on offer,
  • non lucrative job profile,
  • unavailability of large skilled talent pool who could be immediately deployed and
  • operational challenges in faster on boarding like limited infrastructure, other resources, etc

Talent Grids Approach:

From Day One the Talent Grids team was aware that the task at hand is not as simple as it might seem. This was not an individual challenge faced by a company but the challenge loomed at the IMS industry at large. However, Talent Grids Fresher On Boarding Model saw the light of the day as an out-of-the-box approach to address all critical factors.

  • As an imperative measure keeping in mind the context of the job profile and the taboo associated with the same Team Talent Grids launched an awareness campaign across its valuable and exhaustive network of 1200+ colleges and over 2,50,000 engineering freshers. The key objective was to create positive vibes across IMS as a whole and to project it as the domain of progress and promise. An informative and interactive campus portal was created and thousands of students were made aware of the bright prospects that the domain had to offer.
  • It worked and thousands of students applied for the positions on offer. The focus was on the region in context where the pilot was initiated.
  • Through effective online Talent Measurement tools Talent Grids Talent Measurement Team created a custom Talent Assessment process. A very fast mechanism of assessments and hiring helped identify the critical parameters like English Communication, Technical Competence and Orientation to IMS. In just 3 days 400 candidates were finally acquired and infused into the Competence Development Program
  • The Talent Customization happened simultaneously at 4 Talent Grids Centre of Excellences, which are colleges in the region equipped with the infrastructure, software and logistics  required to hold such programmes.
  • The innovation and efficiency of the processes at all levels by Talent Grids gave birth to a model that the company wanted to adopt on a massive scale.



Within just two cycles of on boarding the company saw some amazing changes in their Talent Acquisition and On Boarding processes. Their Talent Acquisition time was improved and went down by an unprecedented 75%. The on boarding saw an up shoot by 54% for successful recruits who were readily deployable. The company also brought down the cost per deployable recruit by 40%. Amazingly the company also witnessed lower attrition due the higher levels of motivation and passion of conditioned recruits. The company is planning to increase the intake and on boarding of talent pool through Talent Grids Fresher on Boarding mechanism to almost 60% from 5% in the pilot phase.

Yet another initiative aimed at  ‘Spreading Happiness in the Talent Grids’!




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