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What is a Talent Grids Id?

In order to participate in all the campus drives organized by Talent Grids you need to have a Talent Grids Id, which is your unique identity on the National Talent Grids Student Database. This is a Lifetime Membership 🙂 You will always receive campus drive notifications via email and would be able to participate in all campus drives at a college location nearest to you.


Talent Grids has many client recruiters and since each company requires custom set of skills to be assessed, each company has its own online test conducted by Talent Grids. Instead of one Talent Grids Skills Assessment test which can qualify or disqualify you for all companies on basis of a single score, we believe students / freshers should get multiple chances to prove their worth for each company separately.

Therefore this Lifetime Talent Grids Membership ID enables you to take all the company recruitment tests organised by Talent Grids in future, without paying separately for any company test again and again.

How to get my Talent Grids Id?

Getting your Talent Grids Id is a 2 step process:

STEP 1: Getting the CART Number (through email from CC Avenues)

STEP 2: Filling the Student Application form using the CART Number

You will get your Talent Grids Id through email within 24 hours of completing Step 1 and 2.

Click on ‘STEP 1: Getting CART Number’ on the Tabs above and start your process of getting your Talent Grids Id!

For any query that you may have click on the ‘Got a Query’ Tab above.

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STEP 1: Getting CART Number

Click on the image below

Talent Grids Student Membership

For any assistance mail us on

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STEP 2: Filling Student Application Form

Talent Grids Student Membership

Talent Grids Membership Online Application

Fields marked with a * are required
Fill all the details below to obtain your Talent Grids Id

You get this over email from CC Avenues after online payment. For any query call Talent Grids on 09916770407.

Write full College name like Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Like ICSE, CBSE, State, etc

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University to which your college is affiliated to


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