Hiring on the Cloud


In a volatile market which is driven more by emphasis on optimization of cost, time and efforts for talent acquisition, cloud based hiring solutions hold paramount promise. With our Hiring on the Cloud solutions companies can plan their entire campus recruitment or just in time hiring activity with greatest efficiency and reduced costs.

Companies have to incur huge costs and also part away with useful man hours of technical resources in inefficient traditional campus recruitment processes. For example in order to assess 200 students in a campus drive, recruiters spend over several hours just to conduct written tests and then check them manually. In order to further filter they conduct another set of tests. In pool campus drives only the first round is conducted in a day. Also companies have to resort to time taking filtration processes like group discussions to filter further when they simple want to assess the communication skills of the candidates. Think about repetition of these processes when bulk recruiters go to at least 50 campuses to repeat the same process. These traditional processes are highly inefficient and upto 60% of the efforts can be minimized using Cloud Based Hiring solutions.

With our amazing technologically adept solutions companies can visit multiple campuses without physical presence and yet conduct their processes more efficiently and also tap the best talent at the same time. Explore our value laden features below:

Online Campus Portal for Campus Branding

Online Application Mechanism

Online Aptitude and Psychometric Test

Online Hands on Programming Tests

Cloud Based Proctoring 

Cloud Based Interview Filtration

Cloud Based Talent Customization

Online Talent Engagement

To explore our hiring on the cloud solutions please write to us at outofthebox@talentgrids.com