Talent Plus

TGPlus Talent Plus is a unique campus recruitment model through which colleges can assess their talent pool and also participate in effective campus recruitment by Talent Grids client recruiters. 

Over the years colleges have benefited tremendously by this vanilla association of talent assessment and campus recruitment. However, through this model colleges cannot upskill the talent levels of their existing students.

The Key Features of the Talent Grids Cloud Connect are mentioned below. The detailed features and benefit can be discussed with our campus relationship managers.

Talent Grids College Annual Membership


Talent Grids Student IDs


TalentCheck: Candidate Talent Measurement.


Campus Recruitment


Talent Scholar Foreign & Corporate Internships


Colleges can write to us at campus@talentgrids.com for exploring more about the opportunities to associate.

Please find below a comparison analysis of the features offered in all the three models of association: Talent-Grids-Models-Comparison-0