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Talent Scholar is a visionary platform to equip scholars of today and leaders of tomorrow with academic and functional skills. Talent Scholar offers visionary academic learning | international internships | skill enhancement and competence development solutions for students | the future industry leaders | managers and technocrats through course modules | seminars | workshops | projects and internships which are available in form of extremely valuable Academic and Skill Plugins.

Value Additions of a Lifetime!

Talent Scholar:

Talent Scholar is a visionary platform to equip scholars of today and leaders of tomorrow with academic and functional skills. Talent Scholar aims at exponentially enhancing the competence of the young talent pool through convergence of the prowess of global academic seats of excellence and the industry worldwide. Hence, with value laden academic Plugins for existing students in form of foreign academic and corporate internships as well as with effective skill Plugins for working professionals, the initiative fosters constructive competence development through experiential learning and global exposure.

In a nutshell, Talent Scholar offers visionary academic learning, skill enhancement and competence development solutions for the future industry leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, CTOs, scientists, managers and technocrats through course modules, seminars, workshops, projects and internships, which are available in form of extremely valuable Academic and Skill Plugins.

Talent Scholar’s extremely effective value laden Plugins are instrumental for:

  1. Students: If you are currently enrolled in an academic program at a recognized university in India or abroad, explore Academic Plugins in your domain of interest, in order to add weight to your resume and greater value to your learning process apart from your regular curriculum.
  2. Experienced Professionals: If you are presently employed or have recently earned your latest educational degree and presently looking forward to initiate your career, explore Skill Plugins in your domain of interest, in order to add tremendous value to your resume, speed up your learning-earning curve and substantially improve your career graph.

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Talent Scholar Academic and Skill Plugins:

Talent Scholar Skill Plugins are available almost throughout the year, while the Talent Scholar Academic Plugins are available every year during Summer, Winter and the Final Semester of your educational curriculum.

The Plugins are mostly available in form of:

  1. Global Course Work
  2. International Workshops
  3. Meaningful Project Work (International / Indian)
  4. Student Exchange Programs (with Foreign Universities)
  5. Global Internships
  6. Corporate Internships (International / Indian) (Paid / Voluntary)
  7. International Study Tours
  8. Indian Ivy League Modules (At Top Indian Institutions) (Courses, Workshops and Seminars)

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For more customized and custom made Plugins, please feel free to get in touch with one of our Academic or Skill Plugins Experts. You can write to them on experts@talentscholar.com  

The Inspiration: 

Firmly believing in the flat world philosophy and with intelligentsia all over the world emphasizing on the importance of global relations, cultural sensitivity and ethnic tolerance, Talent Scholar, understands that the requirement of a truly global workforce has never been more imperative. With companies going global and academic institutions willing to embrace scholars beyond their geographical boundaries, an initiative like Talent Scholar holds paramount relevance and becomes instrumental in the confluence of global talent pool which holds promise for a better world tomorrow.

The Intent: 

Thus, with an enthusiastic intent of uplifting the young global talent pool, Talent Scholar, brings together the global academic seats of excellence and the corporate elite. Such amalgamation creates learning environments for the youth that would surely lead to better economic, financial, technological and cultural exchange in future, along with fostering greater empathy, respect and admiration towards other nations. This will indeed contribute to evolution of these youth as future leaders.

The Vision: 

Knowledge by itself is liberating. Scholars have never known any boundaries. The fervor of knowledge flies across nations and it cannot be confined to castes, religions or ethnicity. This philosophy of unconfined learning and sharing has set the mould for Talent Scholar. Thus, with tremendous optimism Talent Scholar invites both global and Indian universities and companies to plunge into the mega confluence of knowledge and limitless learning. We at Talent Scholar believe that such massive exchange will establish a dynamic equilibrium benefiting all participating universities and companies as well as the vibrant young talent across the globe. Thus, Talent Scholar envisions our coming together, collaborating and co-creating valuable Academic and Skill Plugins for a talent pool which would bring laurels to each of us as well as the society at large.

Spreading Happiness in The Talent Grids!  

Talent Scholar emerges from and draws its values from one of India’s most noble initiative in the domain of education, Talent Grids, which aims at bridging the hugely persisting Talent Demand-Supply gap across various industries today.

Talent Grids is the brainchild of a very dynamic and enterprising team from India’s most prestigious and leading academic institutions, the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Talent Grids is the most unique model aimed at bridging the Talent Demand Supply Gap. It is the most revolutionary Value Added Model for Colleges, Students and Recruiters! With a tremendous focus on technology, the initiative aims at Reinventing Fresher Hiring.

Talent Grids focuses on building, fostering and cementing relationships which will act as catalyst of change for providing a facelift for the Talent Pool across the globe and thereby ‘Spreading Happiness in the entire Talent Grid’.

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Indian Engineering Students visiting National University of Singapore (NUS) Ext for a summer program on Project Management. Students also received global certification from National University of Singapore NUS) Ext for the program.

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