Understanding Talent Grids

Talent Grids is the most unique model aimed at bridging the Talent Demand Supply Gap. It is the most revolutionary Value Added Model for Colleges, Students and Recruiters! With a tremendous focus on technology, the initiative aims at Reinventing Fresher Hiring and finally ‘Spreading Happiness in the Talent Grids’.

Talent Grids is India’s Biggest Fresher Hiring Model (On and Off Campus) through host of solutions for entry level recruitments in the technology domain. Our partner recruiters have adopted Talent Grids as the most effective off campus hiring model to get pre-assessed talent pool for Strategic and Just In Time hiring.

The Key Stakeholders in the Talent Grids


What do we do?
  • Efficient Online Skills Assessment
  • Sharp Campus Analytics
  • Strategic Talent Acquisition Consulting
  • Deep Impact Campus Branding
  • Effective Campus Planning
  • Robust End-to-End Technology Enabled Fresher Hiring
  • Innovative Talent Engagement
Why Us?
  • We employ best brains in Talent Assessment and Talent Acquisition
  • College network of 3100+ including IITs, NITs and IIITs across 16 states
  • Wide intense reach to more than 5,00,000+ engineering freshers and students
  • We understand freshers better